Engen Walking the Talk with Generation Z

A perfect dozen! Engen has been voted South Africa’s Coolest Petrol Station by the country’s “Gen. Z’s” in the Sunday Times Generation Next, for the 12th consecutive year.

The Award comes amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and attests to the consistency of Engen’s values and commitment to client-centric offerings, innovation, and sustainability.

Reflecting on the award, Seelan Naidoo, Engen’s general manager of retail, says recognition by young South Africans, particularly amidst a debilitating pandemic, is both a special honour and humbling for Engen.

“We know that while many South Africans have been affected in various ways by the pandemic, young people have had their lifestyles significantly altered, including their financial security. That they continue to appraise the Engen brand so highly speaks to our investment in being able to deliver on their expectations in terms of value for money while simultaneously aligning with their values.”

Engen’s insights into Generation Z (or those born between 1997 and 2012), indicate that they generally identify with young, tech-savvy organisations, offering services which make their lives easier and saves them money.

“They also connect with businesses which are aligned with their values and demonstrate heightened concern about the environment, climate change and natural disasters,” adds Naidoo.

“Indeed, for us at Engen, our alignment with the values of Generation Z, and our commitment to customer-centric product and service offerings, innovation and sustainability are not merely tick boxes. We are committed to contributing positively to our customers, communities and the environment.

While the past year has been unprecedented, Engen has been deliberate in using it to guide its business model and offerings, whilst remaining actively involved in community interventions aimed at responding to the real impact of the pandemic, including contributing to food relief efforts, targeted fuel donations that provide hamartian aid, and public communication initiatives.

In the spirit of moving forward together, Naidoo assures that Engen will continue to push the boundaries of technology and innovation while always remaining a committed corporate citizen.

“Looking ahead, we will continue to use digital initiatives to respond to the current needs of our consumers while using insights into changing behaviour patterns to anticipate future ones. As we navigate the post-pandemic world, we pledge to make everyday life for our customers simpler and better, whilst never neglecting our social responsibilities .

“In this way, we look forward to growing and moving into the future together with Generation Z, as a partner that enriches their lives. We are honoured by their affirmation of our commitment to serving them better and we strive to take this to new heights,” concludes Naidoo.


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