Partners with Netcore Cloud to Reinforce Commitment Towards Enhancing Customer Experience

Aims to boost personalisation backed by Netcore Cloud’s full-stack product suite has recently re-launched its entire website, and it includes famous brands such as Nandos, Netflorist and Nova, as well as host of new lifestyle vendors – all with an enhanced and personalised user experience for shoppers – powered by Netcore Cloud.

“ is a well-recognised brand locally, having been one of the very first to offer e-commerce retailing in the market,” says Yaron Assabi, CEO of “However, we know that as with any platform, we need to consistently examine ways in which to improve customer engagement and increase online purchases. Strengthened by Netcore Cloud’s gamut of AI-enabled products we aim to personalise the shopping experience for our users across our website and mobile app.”

According to Avadhoot Revankar, Chief Growth and Product Evangelist at Netcore Cloud: “We’re excited to revive our long standing affiliation with With the growing significance of delivering personalised user experiences, we are working towards empowering with our advanced AI engine – Raman. This would help them define a strong customer experience. Shoppers can easily discover products that they love with personalised widgets across the website – based on their unique tastes and affinities. A curated cross-category list of products that each of these shoppers is most likely to view or buy is made accessible via a single click on, elevating their overall experience.”

“Since pop-ups are often viewed as an interruption during critical tasks, the idea was to examine effective ways by which we could support our user’s purchasing options, without being invasive. Netcore Cloud’s AI system is deeply grounded on the nudge theory, which suggest that when presented with multiple options/actions, users are bound to choose the one that is highlighted. This method is observed to be more subtle and an effective way of guiding users to an action, and hopefully returning to our vendors and undertaking repeat purchases. Through this approach, Netcore Cloud has achieved impressive returns, and globally their figures point to a 12-15% increase in user engagement and retention, as well as a 15% increase in conversion and sales – and this is the type of value we wanted and bring to our vendors on the site,” adds Assabi. has benefitted through the implementation of the entire product suite of Netcore Cloud for its re-launched site, including marketing automation, email, AI and WhatsApp to ensure its 20+ vendors not only receive a superior service on the site, but that their own customers get tailored communication and solutions.

“We know that today, relevant and reliable data, is the one of the most important aspects of a business strategy. AI and machine learning is expected to generate exponential value by solving marketing and sales problems over the next three years, which afford brands a massive opportunity to capitalise on this technology and deliver a personalised channel experience. In fact, I believe it is set to become one of the most dominant trends in our market – and one – has already embraced to the benefit of our vendors and shoppers,” concludes Assabi.

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