Diebold Nixdorf Launches DN Series™ EASY – a Revolutionary Self-Service Platform Built to Transform the Shopping and Checkout Experience

First-of-its-kind, portfolio of solutions was designed to provide retailers a modular, open and ‘always-on’ approach to the evolving challenges of the modern store

Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD) announced the launch of DN SeriesTM EASY, a new family of self-service solutions created to address retailers’ most pressing needs: improve store efficiency, enhance consumers’ shopping experience and drive down costs.

The way people shop, and the economics of store operations, are changing faster than many retailers can anticipate. DN Series EASY meets these evolving challenges head on by featuring highly modular and open, self-service solutions that feature a platform-based approach with one core technology platform for the entire range. Retailers can add different modules to suit various use cases, retail needs and environments – empowering them to create the optimal checkout experience by tailoring the technology mix for each of their stores.

Built for the Storevolution, DN Series EASY offers three key benefits to retailers:

  • More Modular: Retailers are able to adapt consumer journeys by leveraging one platform with the addition of different modules to ensure easy adaptation – for today and for tomorrow – to always get the best checkout mix.
  • More Available: DN All Connect Services for Retail enables a market-leading metric of 99.8% availability for the entire range. By providing retailers with an integrated remote servicing model that leverages machine learning to predict and fix issues before they happen, DN Series Easy ensures better availability of consumer and staff journeys with a focus on maximum efficiency.
  • More Open: DN Vynamic Self Service provides an open, flexible and modular software platform that works through an open-retailing approach with flexible APIs that enable faster integration and more personalization. This allows retailers to be more flexible now and in the future, adding new functionality without rebuilding their entire technology solution.

Hermann Wimmer, senior vice president, Global Retail, at Diebold Nixdorf said, “Retail is undergoing a revolution. With this in mind, we designed the DN Series EASY family of self-service solutions to help retailers design, enable and operate relevant consumer and staff journeys that can easily evolve over time. These journeys are centred on self-service that improves store efficiency and the consumer experience – all at the lowest total cost of ownership for the retailer.”

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