Court Rules in Favour of Tiger Brands

The subpoena application hearing in the class action: Subpoena granted compelling the NICD/other to provide information

Tiger Brands confirms that the Johannesburg Division of the Gauteng High Court has ruled in its favour to compel the NICD, two accredited national laboratories and a number of meat producers to provide critical epidemiological information required for the Listeriosis Class Action lawsuit. The effect of the ruling will help provide access to valuable information relevant to the proceedings and enable parties on both sides of the Class Action process to move matters forward.

Tiger Brands issued subpoenas in May 2019 to the NICD and other parties requesting this critical epidemiological information, and later had to file an application to the High Court to compel certain of the parties to provide the information when it was not furnished in response to the subpoenas. Some of the recipients of the subpoenas applied to the High Court to set the subpoenas aside.

Tiger Brands welcomes the ruling. As an affected party, Tiger Brands remains committed to abiding by the legal process to ensure that a resolution of the matter is reached in the shortest possible time in the interest of all parties, particularly the victims of Listeriosis. The company, in cooperation with its legal representatives, is continuing with its efforts to expedite the process.

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