Clover: Bloemfontein Factory Covid-19 Impact

Clover confirms that  five employees have tested positive for COVID-19 at its Bloemfontein factory. This includes four cases in the past week and an initial positive case three weeks ago which was unrelated.

Clover’s teams have continuously been interacting with the Department of Health (“DOH”) and initiated a process in line with its internal procedures as well as those prescribed by Government.

From the start of the outbreak, Clover has implemented a number of robust safety measures across all facilities and will continue to ensure that no risks are taken in relation to the health of employees, their families and society as a whole. The DOH have provided positive feedback on the specific procedures and practices that Clover has put in place.

The production facilities at the factory underwent a series of deep cleaning processes and all staff underwent testing. Operations have been temporarily stopped whilst the outstanding test results become available and Clover will resume operations in due course with employees who have tested negative for COVID-19.

Clover is in regular contact with those that tested positive and with employees currently in quarantine as a result of standard procedures for any person that presents COVID-19 symptoms, as well as those that they have interacted with. Dedicated support is in place for them including the provision of food parcels. At this stage, they are all in a good medical condition, as are their relatives.

From the end of March, Clover adjusted its operations in line with the lockdown conditions and only essential employees are working on site. All operational factories have access to surgical masks and hand sanitizer, private transport is available in line with strict hygiene protocols and additional compensations is provided for employees on the front line.

All these measures are aimed at protecting each and every employee and support the company’s commitments to deliver products that are essential to the health and wellbeing of fellow South Africans.

For information, please contact:

Jacques van Heerden
Company Secretary

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