Braintree Entrenches African Retail, FMCG Expertise with Repeat Awards From LS Retail

Braintree, a trusted Microsoft Gold Certified Partner powered by Vivica Holdings, has been named as an LS Retail Diamond and LS One Platinum partner for 2022, further entrenching the company as an expert in providing digital solutions to the retail and FMCG sectors across Africa.

LS Retail is a leading global provider of all-in-one business management software solutions for retail and hospitality companies across the globe. The LS Retail partner ecosystem has grown steadily over the last two decades, offering scalable solutions to manage the complex operational requirements of retailers. With partner companies in eighty-eight countries, LS Retail has the largest partner ecosystem in the Microsoft Dynamics world.

“We are delighted to have won these two LS Retail partner awards, which is unique as we are the only partner worldwide to implement both the LS Central and LS One – retail solutions. Braintree has secured LS Retail Diamond Partner Status four years in a row, as well as the Platinum Partner award for two consecutive years. These two prestigious awards are testament to our growing strength in retail and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors, with more businesses wanting to transform digitally and build their online presence,” says Avril Howes, Strategic Head for SMC at Braintree.

The Diamond Partner accolades are the highest achievement for an LS Retail partner, only awarded to companies that exhibit extraordinary dedication to the LS Retail solutions by solving complex problems together and secured unparalleled revenue growth success during the previous year. Only sixteen out of over four hundred partners worldwide accomplished Diamond Partner status.

Diamond Partner status is awarded to partners who display extraordinary dedication to the company’s solutions and are exceptionally successful in terms of sales. In addition, Diamond Partners are invited to serve on the company’s Partner Advisory Council. Braintree interacts directly with LS Retail’s management team, and leading partners globally, and actively participate in the refinement of the LS Central and LS One Retail Solutions. 2022 marks the second year in a row that Braintree has had the honour of serving on the council.

“Our performance over the past year was driven through securing major accounts with multinational brands that we are now helping to grow and expand throughout the continent. We are also pushing the boundaries of what these solutions can do, and this has forced us to innovate in the way in which we implement these solutions and brought us closer to top talent within LS Retail itself and Global Retail Community.

“We applaud the dedication of our staff, who accepted the challenge and worked to ensure our customers were fully satisfied. The breadth of our team has helped us deliver results while providing a high level of service and support to our customers,” says Howes.

Certified LS Retail partners are experts in retail and hospitality, as well as in LS Retail’s solutions. They know the business requirements and legislation of the operational entities. Braintree offers services which include customisation, localisation, project management and technical support for Retail and Microsoft Business Central. LS Central extends Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, an all-in-one ERP which complements the LS Retail offerings to offer a comprehensive retail system for all types of retailers. LS One is a retail-only system that is ERP agnostic and can be integrated into a customer’s ERP system of choice.

“Congratulations to all our Partner Award winners for always raising the bar higher. We are very proud of your success and thankful for your dedication and commitment to LS Retail,” says Peter Vach, Vice President for Partner Operations at LS Retail. “Our partner ecosystem is one of the main reasons for our success – but even more importantly, it is a community. It is a pleasure to have such professional, competent, collaborative people in our ecosystem.”

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