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Trade Intelligence, a respected market intelligence and research firm in the consumer goods sector, has announced its official foray into the Kenyan market with a Retail Trends presentation by Business Development Lead, Andrea Ellens. The presentation, held at the recent Retail Trade Association of Kenya (RETRAK) forum, provided an in-depth analysis of Kenya’s evolving retail landscape, emphasising the critical role of data-driven decision making in the sector.

During the insightful session, Ellens delved into a range of topics, including the macro factors shaping the East African FMCG retail trading landscape, emerging global retail trends, and the nuances of Kenyan shopper behaviour and preferences. Notably, her discourse shed light on loyalty strategies as a competitive advantage, the rise of convenience in modern trade stores impacting traditional dukas and kiosks, and the significance of hyper-segmentation to foster shopper-centric experiences.

Andrea Ellens herself has a long professional history with FMCG globally and in Kenya, having worked in the market with top international brands a decade ago. “It’s a changed landscape today,” she says. “Ten years ago, the informal trade was the dominant force in Kenyan retail. With the development of modern retail in Kenya, we’re seeing that entrepreneurial spirit translated into something really special – some of the most innovative and exciting execution at retail we’ve ever seen. We’re excited to share this inspiration with local brands, but also with our clients at home.”

Trade Intelligence collaborated on its RETRAK presentation with affiliate company, DataOrbis, which maintains a strong presence in Kenya with RETRAK’s CEO, Wambui Mbarire, and other local industry experts. These partnerships reinforce Trade Intelligence’s commitment to harnessing local expertise and resources, augmenting that with Ti’s two decades of experience in retail research to ensure the delivery of accurate and comprehensive research on the Kenyan market. The RETRAK partnership underscores a commitment to fostering enduring relationships within the Kenyan retail sector, emphasising the dedication of the business to contribute positively to the retail ecosystem of any geography in which it operates.

“Our mission is simple – to foster better and more profitable trading partnerships between retailers and suppliers wherever we operate,” said Andrea Ellens. “We are resolutely committed to nurturing relationships with stakeholders, leveraging the profound insights we’ve gathered, and cementing our position as a trusted source of in-depth retail intelligence.”

As Trade Intelligence continues its journey in Kenya, the company remains dedicated to further enriching its understanding of local intricacies, fostering robust partnerships, and delivering unparalleled research insights and commercial capability skills training for both global and Kenyan organisations.

“It’s long been our ambition to explore the Kenyan market,” says Trade Intelligence GM Janene Laas. “We’ve honed our skills in the South African market. But we know that there’s an exciting world of retail innovation out there. We’re a relentlessly curious business, and Kenya has so much to teach us.”

Trade visits to numerous retail stores and discussions with key industry players have enriched the company’s understanding of the market’s intricate dynamics. Among the retailers visited were stores from the international retail group Carrefour, and from Kenyan companies Naivas, Quickmart and Chandarana Foodplus. Trade Intelligence then analysed these stores through its tested and proprietary lens, looking at everything from the structure of the businesses, to their performance, to their individual trading strategies and execution at retail. The result is a comprehensive report that is an essential reference for any supplier wishing to business with these retailers.

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