ZAMBEEF Macros Boosting Zambia’s Agricultural Value-Chain

The retail outlets serve as the final point for vertical integration of the food production company’s agri-business

In its quest to continue promoting the local agricultural value-chain while delivering the highest international standards in the food retailing industry, Zambeef has opened its new Mini Macro at Lusaka’s New Soweto Market.

The stores have been designed to reflect international standards, emphasise hygiene and food safety, and have ample storage capacity, parking space, security, convenience and ease of access as well as an appealing shopping environment.

“Our retail outlets serve as the final point for vertical integration of our agri-business through which all the products Zambeef produces are sold to the general public, but more importantly they provide accessible and available products to our customers in a hygienic environment,” said Zambeef CEO Francis Grogan.
The New Soweto Mini Macro marks the 35th such Zambeef Macro store in Zambia, and the seventh Macro in Kanyama constituency, which now has the highest number of Macros in the country.

The food production company has been working closely with local farmers across the country to procure home-grown inputs for its production operations; its milk is 100% local; all its livestock in terms of beef, poultry and pork are sourced from local farmers; the company also grows its own grain and whatever else it needs from its farmers.
Mr Grogan added that the company provides support in creating linkages to markets for the farmers as well as providing a ready market for their produce, not just within the country but beyond through exports.

“New Soweto is dear to us because Zambeef is an agribusiness and farming corporate citizen. It is a fact that New Soweto is the largest fresh vegetable and fruit market in Zambia for our farmers. We have come to complement you and work with the rest of our fellow merchants in providing value-added cold chains products such as beef, pork, poultry and dairy,” explained Mr Grogan.

He added that the company employs over 8,000 staff, and believes agriculture remains a vital sector providing livelihoods, reducing poverty and improving living standards for millions of people.

Zambeef produced 18.1 million kgs of beef in 2018. It is also one of the largest chicken and egg producers in Zambia, producing 16.9 million day-old chicks a year and processing 12.8 million kgs of chickens in 2018.

The company has also one of the largest piggeries, pig abattoirs and pork processing plants in Zambia, with 9.9 million kgs produced during the year, while its dairy processes around 19.3 million litres of milk a year.

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