The Inspiring Stories Behind Some of Spur Corporation’s Franchisees

Spur Corporation is a place where our people can grow and will continue to do so. We are indebted to the thousands of staff and franchisees who have committed years of service to our brands.

Andile Mekeni is but one of these examples. Now at the tender age of 26, he is the proud owner of a Spur Steak Ranch and RocoGo.

“Being part of a big brand like Spur changed my life in such a big way in that I understood what it meant to be part of something big. It is our responsibility to inspire people to see that it is possible to become somebody in the brand”, says Andile.

Watch his amazing story here:

Lynton Cassel has been a Spur Corporation franchisee for the past ten years. He owns African Spirit Group, who own and manage nine Spur Group franchises including Spur Steak Ranches, John Dory’s and RocoMamas. He talks to us about his inspiring journey being a John Dory’s Franchisee, what drives him and why he continues to invest in the brand.

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