Retail Software Giant PCMS Extends Partnership with redPanda Software

Cape Town-based redPanda Software and PCMS, one of the world’s leading point-of-sale software companies, have announced the extension of their partnership by adding sales and implementation to redPanda Software’s existing development role.

“PCMS is on an ambitious growth path for 2019, including a much stronger focus on building our client base outside Europe and the United States,” says PCMS Country Executive for Africa and Australia Peter Ludi. “Over the past three years redPanda Software has become an integral part of our operation, with three full development teams working out of Cape Town and another soon to be added. They have an excellent relationship with our clients and adding sales and implementation to their role is a natural next step.”

“We have a unique relationship with PCMS,” agrees redPanda Software Group CEO Gareth Hawkey. “As part of the development team we know the product really well, and that means we can quickly implement the software for new and existing clients, with streamlined custom development and configuration.”

Forrester named PCMS one of four global leaders in point-of-service applications during 2018, adds Hawkey. “We believe PCMS is more future-proofed than many of their competitors; they’ve invested a lot in creating a very innovative product, and it’s in high demand as a result.

“Their Vision Commerce Suite supports custom development for top-tier retailers, while also providing a superb out-of-the-box application for the mid tier, with cloud support and a strong focus on customer experience.”

“This is good news for South African retailers,” says Ludi. “When trading conditions are difficult it’s particularly important to focus on customer experience as well as efficiency, and the new generation of POS software helps to achieve just that. Having local sales, development and implementation support all available from a single trusted company will make PCMS an even better option for local companies.”

PCMS clients include Pick n Pay in South Africa; Prada and Ferragamo in Europe; John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and Waitrose in the UK; and Walgreens and Best Buy Mobile in the US.

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