Masscash Subsidiary Cambridge Food Completes Arch Retail-SAP Integration

Spinnaker Software is proud to celebrate its long-standing relationship with Cambridge Food, a subsidiary of Masscash South Africa, and to announce the completion of a comprehensive integration to its SAP ERP system.

The solution comprises Spinnaker’s tried and tested Arch Retail system, which offers comprehensive functionalities for managing the various departments found in typical full-service supermarkets, such as: bakery, deli, fresh produce, take-away, butchery, groceries, etc.

Spinnaker has implemented its AE (Arch Enterprise) system as an ESB (enterprise service bus) for the integration with SAP, and its DX (Data Exchange) for managing the flow of data between its Arch Retail and Arch Enterprise systems. All master data, such as articles, vendors, campaigns, etc, is managed centrally in SAP, and relayed to the various Arch Retail systems via the AE ESB and DX.

The solution is unique in the sense that the stores use Arch Retail for all in-store related transactions, such as: * Purchase orders; * Goods receipts; and * Purchase claims.

And production for: * Bakery; * Deli; * Take-away; * Butchery; * Point of sale; * Stock control; and * Stock accounting and valuation.

The solution, together with the architecture, allows a store to function uninterrupted in the event of a breakdown in data communications, allowing store level processes to continue as per normal, and producing real-time key management reports.

The solution has proven itself over the last 13 months, with huge transaction volumes in stores with 30 to 50 checkout lanes.

Spinnaker, as an accredited and experienced Sage Business Partner, offers ERP and centralised accounting solutions through its own in-house developed and supported integration with Arch, and currently has over 1 200 implementations in southern Africa.

The integrated Arch solution is ideal for high-volume, low-margin retail trade, where merchants often struggle to implement such solutions with poor and unreliable data communication.

Bonnie McAdam, Manager Business Systems & Process at Cambridge, commented as follows: “Spinnaker assisted Cambridge Food in building a solid SAP integration platform by utilising their existing Arch Enterprise, Data Exchange and BI Importer technology. This meant that a significant portion of the integration was not custom-built from scratch, but was solid, well-tested technologies that Cambridge Food and other Spinnaker clients have been using over the years. The only custom development required was the SAPiX component, where most of the integration logic is housed and XML files created to suit SAP PI requirements.

“This environment took approximately six months to stabilise, as more stores were converted over to SAP. Currently, Cambridge Food is integrating every single transaction for 19 stores, daily, across the entire KZN region and sending down master data updates twice a day to all stores. These transactions are successfully balanced daily and the environment has been stable over the last 13 months, with minimal issues experienced. The support and expert advice provided by Spinnaker through this process has been invaluable and has contributed to a successful integration project to date for Cambridge Food.”


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