Kellogg Company Signs Long-Term Partnership Agreement with the Egypt’s Food Banking Regional Network

Kellogg Company will continue its School Feeding Program and launch two new initiatives in Egypt

Kellogg Company, the world’s leading cereal company; second largest producer of cookies, crackers and savory snacks; a leading North American frozen foods company; and owner of Bisco Misr, Egypt’s leading biscuits company and Mass Food company, recently signed a partnership agreement with the Food Banking Regional Network (FBRN), a non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella organization for food banks in the region and seeks to eliminate regional hunger through founding, developing and supporting food banks in the region in cooperation with broad spectrum of partners, sponsors and members.

Kellogg Company has worked with the FBRN on a number of initiatives in Egypt over the last five years and is now developing a broader more strategic long-term partnership to promote nutrition education and nourish families so they can flourish and thrive in Egypt and across the region.

“Kellogg Company’s legacy of community support dates back nearly 100 years, with a specific focus on causes benefiting children,” said Lamia Fakhr, Corporate Affairs Director – Middle East and North Africa, Kellogg Company. “We continue to recognize that our support for communities can have a significant impact on those in need. Our strategic partnership with FBRN focuses on feeding kids in Egypt – home to the Company’s largest business units in the region and it also supports large-scale strategic action regarding food waste which could have significant long-term impact in Egypt, the GCC and middle east regions and around the world.”

As a part of this wider partnership between Kellogg and the FBRN, the Kellogg Company will donate US$ 120,000 to support three elements of its work in Egypt and the region: The continuation of the School Feeding program in El Demerdash School in Cairo (close to Kellogg’s Bisco Misr  location), a new Back to School project, and support for FBRN’s advocacy to establish policies and laws forbidding food waste in select countries in North Africa and the GCC.

“We are thrilled to team up with Kellogg Company to further improve the lives of children in Egypt and rationalize food waste in the region,” said Dr. Moez Elshohdi, CEO of the Food Banking Regional Network (FBRN). “This agreement comes in line with our aim to alleviate hunger, fight malnutrition and managing food waste. We proudly work on regional and international levels to unite and coordinate food and nutrition relief efforts, activating them within a general framework of joint action.”

The Kellogg School Feeding program aims to meet the basic nutrition needs of the students, educate students and their families on sound health and hygiene eating habits, decrease the percentage of school absenteeism, drop-out rates and child labor. With the expanded partnership agreement, a new dimension to the program will be to assess the impact of student meals on their health through analyzing students before and after the program to assess the program’s quantitative performance.

The new Kellogg-FBRN Back to School project will encourage children that have dropped out of school in Cairo to re-attend. Kellogg will contribute to their school fees and provide them with backpacks and snacks as further encouragement to attend.

The third element of Kellogg’s strategic long-term partnership with FBRN will provide support for FBRN CEO Dr. Moez Elshohdi efforts to advocate for policies and laws forbidding food waste in selected countries in the GCC and North Africa. This is an extension of Kellogg’s global commitment to embracing food loss and waste reductions consistent with Sustainable Development Goals Target 12.3, which calls for the world to cut food loss and waste in half by 2030. The Kellogg Company is one of the world’s 50 largest food companies participating in programs with a food loss and waste reduction target.

In the past five years, the Kellogg Company has teamed up with various food banks around the world to support charitable causes focusing on four pillars: Nourishing with Our Foods, Nurturing Our Planet, Feeding People in Need, and Living Our Founder’s Values. The joint efforts resulted in donating around 2.5 billion servings of food through food banks across five continents to the people in need, helping two million children reach their full potential through nutrition educational programs, supporting 500,000 farmers and their families, committing to 45,000 volunteer days by Kellogg employees at local food banks, farms and breakfast programs in addition to engaging 300 million people to join the company’s hunger relief efforts.

A key aspect of the Kellogg Company’s CSR focus to issues of food security, reducing food loss and waste, and charitable donations. One of the company’s flagship programs in this regard is Breakfasts for Better Days™. Since launching the program in 2013, Kellogg has provided more than two billion servings of food to people in need. In Egypt, as part of the Breakfasts for Better Days™ program, the Kellogg Company has joined The Food Banking Regional Network school feeding program by donating over EGP 4 million and funded a kitchen and school feeding project at the El Damerdash primary school, providing 600 children with a healthy hot meal every day.

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