Huawei and Partners Launch New Retail Solution at Eco-Connect

Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solution provider, has announced the launch of its New Retail solution together with partners Century, Ontme, Keonn and CipherLab at Huawei Eco-Connect Europe 2017 in Berlin.

Developed in conjunction with Huawei eco-system partners, the New Retail solution builds on Huawei’s IoT and Cloud solution portfolio. The New Retail solution enables retailers to make use of data gathered at every stage of the value chain, and thus create a digital in-store experience facilitating closer customer engagement. As a result, it helps retailers to increase sales and achieve better overall management efficiency.

Retailers using Huawei’s New Retail solution will be able to benefit from the following capabilities:

  • Connect & Automate – Huawei’s retail solution connects stores and customers, and automates selling processes to provide shoppers with a better customer experience in-store
  • Store Efficiency – Using Huawei’s retail ICT and cloud platforms, users can manage more efficiently complex tasks and processes such as interpreting sales data and managing inventory
  • Individualised Marketing – Huawei’s New Retail solution enables brands to use data from both online and offline shopping platforms, and to provide extreme personalised offers which lead to a better engagement with stores and brands.

The New Retail solution integrates online and offline sales, goods production, logistics and data across the value chain. By integrating the data through the entire value chain, retailers and FMCG manufacturers can achieve more efficient business operation across multiple channels. They can also improve the customer experience through personalised and targeted marketing.

Ramir De Porrata-Doria, CEO of Keonn Technology, said that traditional retailers are facing challenges such as difficult storage management, long lines at the checkout, and other barriers to an excellent shopping experience. But digital solutions can help retailers to optimise the management through its value chain, and improve customer shopping experiences.

Jeff Jiang, SVP, Western Europe Enterprise Solution & MKT, Western Europe Enterprise Cloud Business Unit said: “The retail industry has never been more competitive, and as a result, the booming ecommerce market has raised a number of urgent challenges for traditional retailers. Offline retailers need to consider how they should adapt their current models to combine online promotions, and to increase customer dwell time in physical stores. The synergy of online and offline will make them more competitive than players only presenting online. Stores can capitalise through data analytics: with a personalised shopping experience, customers will feel valued and are willing to spend in-store.”

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