Falke South Africa takes on Australian Market

Legwear specialists Falke South Africa will this month be establishing a retail presence in Australia, following an “extremely successful” visit to the country.

“There are definitively great similarities between the target markets here in South Africa and in Australia. Our audiences share comparable lifestyles, which will provide a great fit for the Falke brand. We are continuously investigating opportunities to extend our market share and are convinced that this partnership will assist us in creating a brand presence in Australia,” said group marketing executive Keaton Quarmby.

The Australian endeavour will be spearheaded by former South Africans Matt and Brad Milne. The Sydney-based brothers have been running a successful distribution company in Australia for the past five years. The online shop will carry the Advance Performance range of sport-specific socks in the Run, Hike, Bike and Golf categories as well as a selection of everyday sports socks.

Falke South Africa is a subsidiary of the German textile giant, a fourth-generation family owned business that was founded in 1895. The South African operation was established in 1974 and currently manufactures approximately 7 million pairs of socks per year for the domestic and export market.

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