Carrefour Applies Blockchain Technology to its 8th Product

Carrefour continues to roll out blockchain technology to its Carrefour Quality Line products, improving food traceability for its consumers. Following in the wake of Auvergne chicken and farmhouse fattened chicken, tomatoes, oranges and fresh micro-filtered milk, Rocamadour CQL cheese is now benefiting from this technology.

A PDO product that is now traceable

This cheese is made by six French farmhouse producers on their own farms from goats’ milk and has protected designation of origin (PDO) status. The livestock farmers milk the goats, produce the cheese and then refine it themselves before delivering it to the Fermiers du Rocamadour cheese dairy in Alvignac where it is packaged.

The cheese gets its name from the commune of Rocamadour with its blessed Virgin Mary sanctuary. It was awarded PDO status in 1996. The milk comes from Alpine and Saanen dairy goat breeds, fed on hay and cereal crops mainly from the PDO region (80%).

Thanks to this technology, consumers now have access to a wealth of information about this PDO cheese – from its production right through to when it goes on sale. By simply scanning the QR code on the product’s label with their smartphones, they can view information about the producer’s identity, how many goats there are in their herd, how long they have been producing cheese for the product line and how many people they have working on their farm.

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