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Shipping Technology Tackling South Africa’s Tricky Last-Mile Delivery Challenges – Bob Group

Bob Group’s Ship Logic platform is helping the country’s courier companies overcome faulty address details, failed delivery attempts and poor communication with customers South African ecommerce ecosystem Bob Group is

Retail and Wholesale Sector Faces Growing Business Interruption Risks, Allianz Risk Barometer Reveals

Business interruption is the primary concern for the retail and wholesale sector in 2024, according to the Allianz Risk Barometer. It is followed by Natural catastrophes (31%), Cyber incidents (25%),

Growing E-commerce Market: Good for Consumers; But Will Proudly South African Brands Rise? – BCG

By Thomas Kingombe, Managing Director and Partner and Vishakha Chopra, Project Leader, BCG Johannesburg As global e-commerce giants like Amazon, Shein and Temu set their sights on South Africa’s growing

InstaPay Launches in South Africa: An Innovative Merchant Payment Application

InstaPay, a cutting-edge new merchant application, has been launched to transform the payments landscape in South Africa. This innovative solution offers unique functionality and competitive rates that surpass traditional card

Carefully Balancing Technology and People Can Elevate Retailers and Benefit SA – redPanda Software

The Human Face of Retail By Peter Ludi, Business Development Executive at redPanda Software There’s widespread acceptance that improving customer experience will go a long way towards attracting and retaining

Unleashing the Retail Revolution Through the Power of Data – redPanda Software

By Gerhard Nortjé, MD of redPanda Software Data has emerged as a vital asset for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. The ability to leverage customer and operational data

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