UnionPay International Cooperates with “SBM” in Mauritius to Expand the Acceptance Scope of UnionPay Cards

UnionPay International and SBM jointly declared that all merchants and ATMs of the latter have been opened to accept UnionPay cards (card number starting with 62). So far, the coverage of local merchants and ATMs accepting UnionPay cards has been increased to 90% and 60% respectively. It also means that UnionPay International has realized its comprehensive cooperation with the top three acquirers and issuers in Mauritius. Shi Wenzhao, President of China UnionPay and Mr Kee Chong LI KWONG WING, Chairman of SBM Holdings Ltd attended the opening ceremony jointly. Besides, Mr. Li Li, Chinese Ambassador to Mauritius also graced the event by his presence.

As the second largest commercial bank in Mauritius, SBM represents approximately 45% of acquirer market shares. Last year, SBM has taken the lead in issuing UnionPay RMB debit cards and prepaid card in local currency. This time, it cooperates with UnionPay International with regard to acceptance business, for which 200 ATMs and 4,000 POS terminals have been opened to accept UnionPay cards, and then the acceptance scope of UnionPay cards in Mauritius witnesses a remarkable increase. As a result, UnionPay cardholders can use UnionPay cards conveniently for shopping, catering, accommodation and transportation.

According to Shi Wenzhao, as SBM opens the UnionPay card acceptance business, we have realized the comprehensive cooperation with the top three acquirers and issuers in Mauritius and further improved the card-using service level. To follow the trend of increasingly personnel, economic and trade communion between China and African areas, we will unremittingly promote our cooperation with mainstream institutions like SBM and optimize the acceptance environment of UnionPay cards, which not only delivers a convenient service to UnionPay cardholders visiting Mauritius, but also lays a solid foundation for the development of local businesses. Therefore, it manages to satisfy the payment demand of bilateral exchanges and communications. He further added “Seizing the opportunities derived from the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, UnionPay will work with the Government of Mauritius and local institutions to explore a more practical and effective mode of cooperation so as to issue UnionPay cards on a large scale as early as possible. Mauritius is one of the popular destinations amongst tourists and welcomes a large number of UnionPay cardholders coming to Mauritius for holidays and recreations”.

According to Mr Kee Chong LI KWONG WING – Chairman of SBM Holdings Ltd, SBM is glad to cooperate with UnionPay International for the acceptance and card’s issuing. He is greatly convinced that the cooperation between the two parties will deliver a more convenient and secure payment experience to UnionPay cardholders globally. Furthermore, he added that “After today’s ceremony, UPI card holders will be able to benefit from SBM’s terminals during their stay in Mauritius. Today’s launch goes even beyond the SBM – UPI partnership. It is a known fact that China and Mauritius have a strong bilateral relationship. Furthermore, our country shares an extremely rich and diverse culture and at the core of its diversity is the Chinese Community and culture. This heritage dates back to the 18th century and is now the very fabric of the Mauritian society”

Currently, UnionPay cards can be used in more than 40 African countries and regions. In recent years, the tourists to Mauritius have been rapidly increasing in number. There are direct flights to Mauritius in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Chengdu. In that context, UnionPay International endeavors to deepen its cooperation with local institutions and optimize card using services unremittingly. In the meantime, quite a few mainstream institutions in Mauritius have issued prepaid cards, debit cards, credit card, business cards and other UnionPay card products, which provide the convenient payment services of UnionPay cards for local residents.

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