Reno-Cloud: Delivering More Value. Faster.

If you know anything about Renovite you will know we love cloud-native payments. We live and breathe it. Even so, I still get amazed sometimes when I really think about the remarkable capabilities a platform like Reno-Cloud delivers. For example, we recently conducted a benchmark test for a leading organisation demonstrating a sustained load of 2000 TPS. However, it was not WHAT we did that had me standing in amazement, it was HOW it was done.

The entire system, including load injectors, monitoring, host emulators, and the core applications were all preconfigured and the system could be started from scratch – at will, and in a matter of minutes. I am old enough to remember the arduous benchmarking projects of the past when even reserving time on high availability servers was a challenge in itself. Those days are gone. Any high availability infrastructure you need has now become a service, to be turned on and off as needed. The cost for all of this convenience is highly attractive compared with in-house server costs, especially if you factor in the aggressive discounts for reserved or spot instances.

My Logical Brain understands how the moderns technologies have merged with the steadily compounding effects of Moore’s Law to bring us to a world of instant test environments on demand. But my Dreaming Brain sometimes still proclaims, “Pinch yourself Dave, this is real”.

Like most modern consumers I want more. More choice, more flexibility. Clearly cloud-native payments is real and it is delivering more – no need to pinch yourself. It is a joy to be part of this transformation.

What amazes you about the payments transformation?

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