Egypt Post Partners with Jumia to Offer E-commerce and Logistic Services

Egypt Post and Jumia signed today a cooperation protocol that aims to boost and develop e-commerce trade flows and industry in Egypt.

Dr. Sharif Farouk, Chairperson of Egypt Post, said that the agreement aims to overcome the barriers that affect the potential growth of Egypt’s e-commerce market. He also pointed out that the agreement will allow Jumia to benefit from the public confidence that Egypt Post possesses and will have access to nationwide postal offices, enabling it to provide various services. This, therefore, will lead to reducing the shipping costs, improving the level of services, gaining customers’ trust, and eventually having an equitable share in the Egyptian e-commerce market. The agreement also contributes to the growth of this trade in Egypt, especially that the field of e-commerce achieves rapid growth rates in all global markets.

Moreover, Farouk illustrated that Egypt Post is witnessing unprecedented growth on all levels, including the modernization and upgrade of its logistic and distribution services as well as its transport fleet, by adopting the most up-to-date smart solutions to offer outstanding logistic services to the customers at competitive prices.

On his part, Hesham Safwat, CEO of Jumia Egypt, said that through the protocol, Jumia wants to bring e-commerce closer to the consumers and make shopping accessible to all Egyptians with the help of Egypt Post’s nationwide network of branches and logistic services.

Given its wide expertise in the e-commerce industry and its partnership with Egypt Post, Jumia is now able to offer all of its services much more easily across the country, Safwat added.

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