Understanding SA’s Evolving Shoppers: A Call to Action for Brands and Retailers – Trade Intelligence

As shopper behaviours evolve, brands and retailers are working hard to catch up, using tools to connect with a new generation of increasingly demanding and informed shoppers. South African shoppers are not what they used to be. They’re tougher, savvier, and more in tune with what they are looking for. A combination of COVID and

Knowing if Your Data Held by Your Favourite Online Marketplace Is Safe and Secure – Bob Shop

South Africa’s Information Regulator recently revealed that it receives more than 150 monthly data breach notifications – a considerable increase from last year’s average of 56. Hackers are doing the country’s already battling economy no favours: the 2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report, produced by the Poneman Institute and published by IBM Security, states

AI-Driven Product Testing Powers up Innovation in SA – IPSOS

Artificial Intelligence hasn’t just transformed our world but is also profoundly affecting market research by revolutionising how companies understand and predict consumer behaviour. This was the view of Ipsos Global Head of Product Testing Dr Nikolai Reynolds during a recent visit to South African clients and agencies, where he shared groundbreaking insights on using AI

Ukheshe Rebrands to EFT Corporation to Lead Fintech Innovation and Banking Beyond Tomorrow

In a bold step towards redefining the future of financial technology, Ukheshe has announced its official rebranding to EFT Corporation. The move consolidates Ukheshe’s pioneering digital solutions with EFT Corporation’s extensive reach and expertise under one unified brand, positioning it as a leading catalyst for financial inclusion in Africa. The rebranding of Ukheshe to EFT

Retailer’s Guide on How to Shift From Multichannel to Omnichannel Payment Experiences – Ecentric

By Gary Bowers, Product Manager and Shaun Shehab, Senior Sales Engineer at Ecentric Retailers need to keep costs under control and reduce complexity in economic conditions that can best be described as uncertain and challenging. Yet, despite this, they need to give customers (and their employees) the kind of payment experience they demand. Beyond this,

A Fintech First – IKhokha Opens Retail Stores to Enhance Engagement With Merchants

Fintech company, iKhokha, one of the market leaders in the South African SME payments space, are this week opening their eighth retail store, where their point-of-sale devices are sold and where merchants can access support, networking opportunities and other business enhancement tools. Since launching in 2012, iKhokha has developed a deep understanding about the complexities

Tech Trends Transforming Retail Finance in the Digital Era – Mobicred

By Jason Sive, CEO, Mobicred (and Strategic Partnerships Executive at RCS) Greater levels of digital adoption and the increasing sophistication of technological tools have ushered in a new era for shoppers – one characterised by choice and convenience. Empowered by evolving demands, retail finance leaders have the exciting task of shaping the future of the

Retailers Need Architecture and Redundancies Tailored to Local Conditions to Avoid Downtime and Lost Sales – redPanda Software

Niel Coetzee, Head of Engineering at redPanda Software South Africa felt the full impact of internet disruption when four of the nine undersea cables providing connectivity to these shores went down at the same time in the middle of March. The disruption was widespread and affected businesses across industries. However, while some industries can afford

Pick N Pay Launches New Money Transfer Service, Now the Most Affordable in the Retail Market

Pick n Pay has set a new standard in affordability and accessibility with the launch of its store-to-store Domestic Money Transfer service. At R8.00 per transaction, it is the cheapest price for customers within retail stores. The informal cash usage in the country remains high, and this service will be interoperable across all Pick n

Keeping up With Order Fulfilment in an Always-on and Always-Growing Ecommerce World – Payments and Commerce Market Intelligence (PCMI)

With online sales in Africa on course to top the trillion-rand mark by 2026, the race is on for ecommerce businesses to claim their piece of the pie. Research by Payments and Commerce Market Intelligence (PCMI) indicates that in the next two years the digital commerce market is expected to reach US$72-billion across South Africa,

How Technology Is Revolutionising Payment Reconciliation for Retailers – Ecentric

By Graham Bradford, Senior Product Manager at Ecentric As retailers grow into mid-market size and beyond, the complexity and cost of manually reconciling payments increases almost exponentially because there are hundreds of thousands, if not more, transactions a day. Most retailers in this segment reconcile their payments with spreadsheets and many can’t expect a view

Carefully Balancing Technology and People Can Elevate Retailers and Benefit SA – redPanda Software

The Human Face of Retail By Peter Ludi, Business Development Executive at redPanda Software There’s widespread acceptance that improving customer experience will go a long way towards attracting and retaining customers, especially at a time when there’s increased competition for valuable consumer spend. Naturally, all eyes turn to technology to remove friction, add convenience, automate,

Frontline Retail Workers Can Make or Break the Customer Experience, and in Turn the Business – BDO South Africa

As businesses across the globe work towards making culture and employee wellbeing an integral part of their organisations, the retail industry should consider this when it comes to their retail employees says Serena Ho, head of consumer market at BDO South Africa Inc. Here they discuss the important role of retail employees in powering the

What Generative AI means for Retail – Accenture

By Sheetal Patel, Retail lead and Junaid Kleinschmidt, Digital Marketing Strategy and Intelligence lead for Accenture, Africa In the span of a year, the landscape of artificial intelligence has undergone a remarkable transformation. Until late 2022, few people outside of cutting-edge artificial intelligence had heard of Large Language Models (LLMs) or Generative AI. Now, it’s

RCS Continues to Revolutionise SA Credit: Expanding their Retailer Network & Payment Options for Greater Customer Choice and Convenience

South African shoppers want choice and convenience. Recognising this, retail consumer finance provider, RCS, is offering real, tangible value to its customers. By expanding its partner network, payment options and embracing cutting-edge technology, RCS is not just keeping up; it’s leading the way towards greater financial inclusion in South Africa. Credit extended to healthcare products

Harnessing the Power of 360-Degree Retail Technology – redPanda Software

By Peter Ludi, MD Solutions at redPanda Software In the wake of the rapidly evolving digital landscape, retailers are continuously confronted with a myriad of software solutions. Implementing these systems often requires a considerable investment of resources, frequently resulting in a patchwork of fragmented systems and siloed operations. One can only browse through recent media

Wasoko Expands to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Wasoko, the African e-commerce company using innovative technology to transform the informal retail supply chain, has today announced its expansion into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) leveraging its existing ecommerce hub in neighboring Rwanda. With the announcement marking the startup’s second country expansion this year after launching its Zambia operations in May 2023, it

AI Transforms CX and Service Delivery

Helping companies deliver excellent customer service has been at the heart of 1Stream since the business was launched 15 years ago. While much has changed over the last decade and a half, the essence of what makes 1Stream Southern Africa’s leading CRM and cloud-based contact centre provider remains the same: a commitment to delivering leading-edge,

New ‘Smart Store’ Paves the Way for 21st Century Supermarkets – Danfoss Climate Solutions

As the world’s population continues on its course to reach 10 billion people by 2050, investments in sustainable food retail and storage are urgently needed to ensure we are able to feed the growing number of people on the planet. The pressure is growing, both on energy demand and costs, and on the need to

Mobicred Launches Convenient, Accessible, Mobile Credit Facility within The Shoprite Group

As of August 2023, Shoprite customers will now be able to purchase non-food items using leading digital credit provider, Mobicred. The fully digitised system will give shoppers access to credit offerings via their Money Market accounts, enabling them to pay off higher ticket items over a period of up to 12 months. Commenting on this

Unleashing the Retail Revolution Through the Power of Data – redPanda Software

By Gerhard Nortjé, MD of redPanda Software Data has emerged as a vital asset for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. The ability to leverage customer and operational data has become crucial in shaping the customer experience and driving sales. Data has the potential to revolutionise retail if used effectively. Personalisation It all begins

Harnessing the Power of 360-degree Retail Technology to Create a Seamless Retail Environment – redPanda Software

By Peter Ludi, MD Solutions at redPanda Software In the wake of the rapidly evolving digital landscape, retailers are continuously confronted with a myriad of software solutions. Implementing these systems often requires a considerable investment of resources, frequently resulting in a patchwork of fragmented systems and siloed operations. One can only browse through recent media

The Rise of the Hybrid Retail Model – a New Dawn for South African Shoppers – Mobicred

The pandemic years catalysed a shift in the local retail sector, driven by the dramatically accelerated pace of digitisation. In the wake of COVID-19, greater adoption of online shopping was limited only by the fact that South Africa remains a predominantly cash-based economy. But, with the launch of the ‘cash-like’ payment system, Payshap, this picture

Addressing the Information Gap in Nigeria’s Durable and Consumer Electronics Retail Market – GfK Africa

With the largest population in Africa, including a sizeable if pressurised middle class, Nigeria is an attractive market for consumer electronic and durables brands. Yet only a handful of companies from the rest of the world have succeeded when they’ve entered this complex but dynamic market. One of the major challenges organisations face as they

Leveraging Unified Commerce Solutions for Customer-Centric Retail Success – redPanda Software

Understanding the changing consumer journey is paramount in today’s ever-evolving retail landscape. Retailers must embrace agile and responsive strategies to meet rising customer expectations and seamlessly navigate a vast array of shopping experiences. This is particularly crucial in South Africa, where intermittent power supply often requires shoppers to adjust their habits to ‘follow the power.’

Massmart’s Bolstered Tech Capability Powers an Improved Experience for Online Shoppers

Following Massmart’s 100% acquisition by Walmart, the company now has gained improved access to technical capabilities focused on enhancing the customer shopping experience across its Makro, Builders, and Game websites. The latest move in Massmart’s eCommerce strategy has involved shifting the Makro website onto a new micro-services based platform which has delivered new features, improved

Talented Technology Students and Experts Wanted at Africa’s Largest Retailer

The Shoprite Group invites technology students and seasoned Information Technology (IT) professionals to join Africa’s largest retailer by applying for its bursary programme or various available job opportunities. The retailer’s comprehensive bursary programme covers tuition fees and on-campus accommodation, provides a grocery allowance, and guarantees employment upon graduation. Youth studying scarce and sought after skills

The Future of SA Grocery E-Commerce: Can It Still Deliver?

The heady days of triple-digit e-commerce growth are over, but the rewards are there for the taking for the savvy e-marketer. Local e-commerce growth is slowing, which was inevitable considering the huge leaps made during and post-COVID, but the sector is still growing and is driving total retail growth  both here and abroad. Locally, fast-moving

High Investment in Self-Checkout, as Demand Grows Beyond grocery

More than a quarter of global self-checkout shipments went to non-grocery stores as the technology penetrates new segments Wider range of retailers adopting self-checkout 2022 was the second highest year for self-checkout shipments globally, according to Global EPOS and Self-Checkout 2023, the latest report from strategic research and consulting firm RBR. More than 193,000 units

Adyen and Shopify Partner to Power New Payment Capabilities For Enterprise Merchants

As a preferred enterprise payments partner for Shopify, Adyen will provide large-scale customers the agility to succeed in the fast-moving ecommerce industry Adyen, the global financial technology platform of choice for leading businesses, announces a new global partnership with Shopify, a provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce, to strengthen ecommerce capabilities, simplify the customer

SA Retail Workers Call For More Technology: Microsoft-IDC Study

Research reveals frontline workforce underserved by IT tools, and which cites communication and access to information as key areas for digital transformation Most South African retail workers are feeling overworked but the vast majority believe technology is the answer to their situation, a Microsoft-sponsored IDC study has revealed. “We often refer to them as ‘the

Making Touchscreen Terminals Accessible to People With a Visual Impairment – Ingenico

Touchscreens are increasingly being used for payment and while they offer many benefits for users, we must ensure they are accessible for all. Martin Doherty, CSO for Northern Europe and DACH at Ingenico, shares how Ingenico found a solution alongside the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to enable blind and partially sighted people

PayFast: Unifying Channels is Critical if Retailers Want to Tap into Growth Opportunities

As online retail growth pushes into the double digit territory, companies that are holding onto a purely face-to-face business model will lose out. Companies under pressure to deliver the revenue growth their investors are looking for shouldn’t just be focusing on adding an ecommerce play, but should rather be looking at the opportunities presented by

Pick n Pay Sparks Retail Revolution with Powerful SAP Deployment

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, access to accurate real-time transaction and inventory data is critical to meeting customer demands. For one of South Africa’s leading retailers, a fast-tracked digital transformation of its transaction and reconciliation processes built on SAP S/4HANA has unlocked immense benefits and efficiency across the business. “We have seen a huge

A New Era of Digital Retail in Africa

Exploring innovation coupled with cutting-edge tech is on the up as brands and retailers consider what, when and how to ride the new wave of consumerism in Africa. With the future of digital retail in Africa an exciting and ever-changing landscape. Africa Overview Customer expectations are forcing retailers to reassess the service they provide, not

Future Dairy Products Will Be Sustainable and Focused on the Consumer

By Sasha Ramjathan, Leader of the CPG Segment for Southern Africa at Schneider Electric The consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry stands to benefit greatly from digital innovation advancements. According to a paper entitled the next frontier in consumer goods: digitally enabled innovation by the strategy firm McKinsey & Company, digitisation can bring new products to market

Pick N Pay Taps into ‘Show-Webrooming’ Influence to Grow its Omnichannel Offering

“The future of retail is the ability to create a seamless shopping experience across online and offline” As online shopping continues to grow in the country, customers are spoilt for choice on how and where they shop. Trends show that many South Africans are increasingly choosing to shop both in-store and online, or often simultaneously,

6 Vital Ways CRM is Fuelling Growth and Boosting Sales for South African Businesses

A growing number of successful companies and organisations across South Africa are investing in innovative Customer Relations Management (CRM) platforms to help grow their business, boost sales and deliver excellent customer service. “CRM technology is one of the most effective solutions to help companies who are serious about growing their business and giving their employees

How Click & Collect Can Help Stores Achieve Greater Footfall

The increased flow of shoppers to in-store pickup points is breathing new life into traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. The numbers don’t lie  It doesn’t seem that long ago that customers saw online and in-store as two separate shopping experiences. You were either in the online camp or a brick-and-mortar die-hard, and never the twain shall meet.

NRF 2023 Recap: Retail is Changing

Tier 1 retailers are leading the way with innovation that will enhance CX with consistency across channels, more self-service options, and less friction It was great to be back at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail’s Big Show in 2023. One of the primary reasons is — after a remote-only event in 2021 and lower-than-normal

Akelo Group Poised to Become Emerging Market Fintech and Engagement Powerhouse

Global research over more than two decades by institutions such as MasterCard, Visa, The World Bank, commercial banks and mobile network operators (MNOs) affirms that the most powerful tool to drive revenue and impact is to connect consumers, merchants, banks and brands to drive financial inclusion and deep customer engagement, and ultimately maximise value for

Last Mile-Delivery Tech Predictions for 2023

Online demand for products is growing rapidly, but amid supply chain disruptions there is a greater need to deliver items to customers effectively. Technology, however, is finding a way Transport and logistics are soaring in Africa, with further rapid growth predicted for years to come. That’s the word from the World Economic Forum and African

MACmobile: Driving Adoption of Digital FMCG Solutions in Kenya

By Andrew Dawson, MD of MACmobile Mobile penetration is exceptionally high in the Kenyan market, and the adoption of mobile technologies is well accepted. The strength of this market presents a massive opportunity to grow and optimise the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) space, but several factors need to be considered to drive successful adoption. The

Trends Retailers Should Prepare for as Generations Alpha and Z Make Their Mark

The retail world is set for yet another period of accelerated change as the digitally native generations start to make their mark on the world. Generations Alpha (born post 2012) and Z (born between 1997 – 2012) bring new perspectives to the world, with their outlook heavily shaped by growing up with the Internet, and

Optimising Cloud and Telecom Costs in Retail

Retailers are ramping up digital transformation to keep pace with the demanding, connected post-COVID consumer and improve operational efficiency in a time of rising inflation. As they accelerate migration to the cloud and evolve towards an omnichannel business model, retailers often find that costs and wastage in their IT and telecoms environments start to rise.

A CRM Solution Designed to Overcome Workplace Challenges in 2023

The workplace has undergone a major transition over the past three years, placing pressure on companies and organisations to relook at their office structure and workflows, as well as the tools they have in place to manage the challenges these changes present. Jed Hewson, CEO of 1Stream, Southern Africa’s leading CRM and contact centre technology provider, highlights

Q-HOP Reveals Retail Trends for 2023

The overriding retail trend for 2023 will be convergence of technologies and this trend will have widespread significance. This is according to Ajay Lalu, Director and co-Founder of Q-HOP – exhibitor at NRF 2023 – who adds that retailers must wake up to the implications—and opportunities—of profoundly disruptive technology trends. “5G will continue to lead

Frictionless Fintech Funding: 66% of SMBs are Seeking Faster Financing in a Volatile Market

South African retailers have come to regard quick access to financing as key—and a new breed of agile fintech has emerged to respond to these demands. These progressive providers of finance offer retailers access to opportunity capital so that they can move rapidly in response to emerging business trends. That’s according to Steven Heilbron, CEO

The Impact of Sharing on E-Commerce and Digital Payments

The Covid-19 pandemic forced organisations to shift their focus to digital and e-commerce environments. Those that already had a digital presence and e-commerce capabilities have had an advantage over those laggards struggling to play catch up. Supporting the growth of e-commerce are new market entrants and solutions which are actively shaping the digital payments space.

Clickatell Predicts Mobile Messaging to be the Next Big Channel for Digital Commerce in 2023

Clickatell conducted research on customer service trends and preferences for travel and retail and identified that brands that personalize both their digital and in-person commerce experiences can generate more meaningful and lasting customer relationships. In 2023, mobile messaging will emerge as the ideal channel to create these holistic commerce experiences for consumers as well as